Evaluation on game

I think my game is quite user friendly as it mainly does what it’s supposed to. The only problem is once you navigate the fish to the correct answer and the question changes, the fish is touching a new answer which is wrong and says try again before you have even chosen the correct answer. I have included plenty of techniques such as including a score, changing the backdrop, including a touching colour sensor, sounds and up, down, right and left arrows. I think my game is quite interesting and engaging as the audience has to navigate the fish themself towards the right answer instead of just typing it in. I also like the colours i included and the underwater theme. if I had more time i would re-do all the backdrops so the numbers were more spread out.


In scrolling, i found it pretty straight foward following the guided sheet. The only confusing part was setting a score to get it in time as the butterfly flies through. I found it really interesting how simple it was to make such an entertaining game. My favourite part was actually playing it at the end because it didn’t take too much time or effort but it was still a fun game to play.


I really enjoyed making my maze. I found it really easy and simple to create and it didn’t take long at all. It was really interesting how just adding a sensor to a colour, ‘you win’ pops up. The only trouble i had was finding it a little bit confusing at the start but after slowly going through everything it all made sense.